Cedar Mountain Land Surveying is proudly located in Culpeper, Va.

IMG_1305My name is Mark McAnallen and I started my career in 1986 as a “Rod & Chainman” making $5.50 /Hr. I worked my way up to Party Chief after only 3 years and have worked in the following states, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, California, Oregon and Nevada.  After meeting all of the State of Virginia’s requirement’s for Licensure I sat for the Professional Land Surveyor Exam in 2006.  So I spent 20 years in the “Field” where the real Surveying goes on and paid my dues.  I started this company the day I found out I passed the Land Surveyor exam right around the end of Decemeber in 2006.  I just started my  ninth year in business and have completed over 2000 Surveys in the last 8 years! (I’m tired)  I don’t advertise I have 28 years of experience because that implies I have 28 years of experience running a Land Surveying Business, I only have 8 years doing that, beware of other’s claims!