What is a Land Surveyor?

OnlIMG_1884y a Professional Land Surveyor (one registered and licensed by the State of Virginia) may legally offer and provide land surveying services in Virginia.

A Professional Land Surveyor is the best qualified person to check land title descriptions through actual land surveys and to write land title descriptions.  Attorneys, title insurance companies, realtors, brokers, bankers, engineers and architects know that property title descriptions, written by a professional surveyor based on actual land surveys, provide confidence as to the land’s boundaries.  The survey provides the information necessary to prepare the legal description.

The variety of procedures and necessity of correlating old records and practices with modern usage, legal and title methods, make the profession of land surveying a complex one.  Though well served in its time, the day of the compass and chain survey is gone.  In its place is the professional land surveyor, educated in the principles of modern field and office practice, using state-of-the art equipment and exercising sound judgement and experience.

A licensed land surveyor is a professional person who possesses the required progressive active experience in the practice of land surveying under the direct supervision of a registered land surveyor, has passed written examinations in the fundamentals of surveying and the principles and practices of land surveying.